The Minstrel’s Ghost is the brainchild of Blake Carpenter, the name was first uttered in 2004 when Blake was trying to come up with a moniker for his solo music. It kind of just sat there, perched in the frontal lobe of his brain, itching and twitching for quite a few years. He went through a few projects with local musicians but was soon longing to record his own tunes. He then began writing tracks with a theme in mind. Dream Things True was a megalithic first solo project for Blake.

Blake re-kindled an old song he had written in 2000 titled “Avalon”. Not wanting to sound like anything he had done on Dream Things True or with any of his previous bands, he restructured this already old track to fit into the symphony of keyboards and guitars he heard in his head. The Road To Avalon, released in 2012, is a crossover-prog album full of enthusiastic keyboard leads, powerful guitar solos, smooth vocal lines and melodic rhythm sections.

After the extremely successful release of The Road To Avalon Blake knew he had to come up with something even bigger and bolder for the next release. Before he had even started TRTA Blake began writing a concept story about a boy growing up in a pretty terrible situation. He revisited this concept and knew it was the one that should follow the success of The Road. Jack – A Different Tale will be released sometime within this millennium once it is complete.

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