The intro effect

Using Logic Pro tools to create my slow down then fast rewind effect for the intro.

Music Production Video Series

Music Production Video Series

Hi there everyone, Blake here. I have started the release of my video series on Youtube detailing my processes in music production for songwriting, recording, mixing and mastering. It is going to be a long one and will run all the way into August of this year. There...

Almost there!

Hiya peeps, just letting you know I am almost ready to start sharing my songwriting/recording/mixing process on Youtube. As advertised, there will be some extra videos here that are not shared on Youtube and to get that started a few weeks early here is a behind the...

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Rehearsing is going well for live streams, will start doing some random behind the scenes live on my Twitch channel soon. Be sure to keep an eye out for those. Make sure you have Twitch notifications set so you know when I go live. See you soon and sorry for the...

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