June 21st – Introduction & Songwriting Part 1 Basic Chord Progression and Melody

June 23rd – Songwriting Part 2 More Structure Drums and Lead Section

June 25th – Songwriting Part 3 Main Structure

June 27th – Songwriting Part 3.5 Drum And Bass Changes

June 29th – Songwriting Part4 Bridge Structure

July 1st – Songwriting Part 5 Adding Markers

July 3rd – Writing Lyrics Part 1 1st Verse and Chorus

July 5th – Writing Lyrics Part 2 2nd Verse and Chorus

July 7th – Writing Lyrics Part 3 Bridge

July 9th – Writing Lyrics Part 4 Final Choruses

July 11th – Writing Lyrics Part 5 Recording Scratch Vocals


July 13th – Moving To Recording Template Pt 1

July 15th – Moving To Template Pt 2 Vocals

July 17th – Recording Pt 1 Building Sound

July 19th – Recording Pt 2 Guitars


July 21st – Exporting – Drums

July 23rd – Exporting – Bass & Pads

July 25th – Expoting – Synths

July 27th – Exporting Guitars & Vocals

PRE-MIX (A rough track to record vocals)

July 29th – Pre-Mixing Drums

July 31st – Pre-Mixing Bass and Guitars

August 2nd – Pre-Mixing Synths

August 4th – Pre-Mixing Leads


August 6th – Recording the Lead Vocals

August 8th – Recording Backing Vocals


August 10th – Starting the Final Mix (From scratch again)

Hi there, I am Blake carpenter, singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. I have created this video series to show you my process for writing, recording and mixing my music with hopes that you can also learn something from it. I have been wanting to do this for years and now I amĀ  finally doing it. My process may at times be not so conventional and I break rules often but it gets me where I want to go.

A little background on myself. I have been writing songs for nearly 40 years and have been recording my own music for over 20 years. I have some formal education in both music theory and production as well as recording. I have recorded and mixed on small home studios as well as in formal studios with large analog consoles and tape. I hope to one day get back to the analog console world but for now I do what I can.

I use Logic Pro X for all my writing and recording processes and Harrison Mixbus 32c for my mixing and mastering.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer here and that you get something out of it, if not some knowledge at least a laugh. See you all in the videos.



If you are in need of some help with any of your music or video projects I am here for you.


From stem mixing to full projects, I will do everything I can to make your track stand out amongst the rest!

Video editing

I have been editing videos for many years, I do all my own. While I may not have the greatest cameras for my own filming I do have great software to get the final product done.


While I don’t have a full mastering studio, I have been mastering my own music for 20 years and have not had one complaint (that I know of) about the quality of my masters.

Just a little help

Do you just want an opinion on your work? Or perhaps you would like some more insite on what you should be doing to advance your recording and mixing skills? Just shoot me a message and I will reach out and see what I can offer to help.

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