Dead to me anyway! But in all seriousness, if you are a musician and you slap the prog label to your name it will be very difficult to get your music heard anywhere else. Music listeners not in the prog world will automatically assume pretentiousness and steer clear of you. If you try to tell non prog people your new song in that genre then they laugh at you and say “YEAH RIGHT”. When you ask for help finding new outlets you get a very cold shoulder and replies like “Is that Florence Oregon, maybe there’s a farmers market there?” I have many friends who are in that world and I love them all but for every one GOOD friend there are 1000 pretentious SNOBS. It was not like this when I started out, people were accepting, constructive in their criticism and pretty much nice folks. Somewhere in the last 4-5 years it became a sound bashing genre instead of a progressive, exploratory genre. I have left many “friends” in the dust pile due to that. Those of you who are still my friends, understand that you are because you don’t act like the rest, please stay that way.

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