Hi everyone, it has been a while since I posted here on my website. Trying to keep up with all the socials, making videos, mixing songs etc. is hard work and I have left this site lacking…I am sorry for that. I will try harder to post here regularly.

Now on with the news!

Still high from my time with Static Realms (more on that in another post later) I am back here to tell you what’s been going on since my last post here over 5 months ago. There have been a few releases since I last posted here and they are doing very well and getting lots of love from you all and many others and I am so grateful for that and all of you who support my music endeavors.

Let’s talk about Concrete Jungle, a song that I feel says a lot more about me than the message I am trying to send with it. Getting away from the mundane daily life in society and out into the glorious ever changing natural world. I seem to have forgotten to do that myself and my message seems to be falling on deaf ears because of it. We will change that starting now. Stay tuned to my social pages (links found here at the end of this post) for posts from the wilderness, I am surrounded by it and will get back out there straight away! Check out the official video for Concrete Jungle and all my other videos right here.



The next track I released was Love Amplified. The song is about using love to shut down all the hate in the world. Taking control of the situations we are dealing with today away from the so called people in charge of society and the world and especially the media and putting that control back in our hands. It really is time to rearrange who has the power and control and start liberating every living soul! Again, check out the official video for Love Amplified and all my other videos right here.



My latest release is Broken Dreams. A song written by a musician about musicians. About those musicians who think they are better than all the other musicians. About musicians who don’t like to play with others unless it is on their terms, their self righteous attitudes making the people they work with feel inferior. Those musicians who talk the good talk to build up your hopes of fulfilling your dream only to knock it down just when it was becoming a reality. Those musicians, we all know them or have heard stories about them but if you have been scared by them you know even more the pains they can inflict deeply on a soul. Let this song be a reminder to hold on to your dreams even if others around you try to tear it down! Watch the video here with the others.



I have 2 singles coming out in March, one on the 15th and the other on the 31st.

Heads Up is a song about how we are all slowly becoming zombies in this new technological world we live in. How we are missing life around us because we have our eyes glued to our smart devices. It is a plea to lift your head and see the world, see what is happening outside the box and to retake control of your life from the algorithms that are slowly turning you into someone they can control for the corporations that want you to be subservient to their desires.

Heads Up will be released on March 15th with a video to accompany it. It will only be available at purpleblake.bandcamp.com at first until March 31st when it goes live on all streaming platforms.

Before Doomsday is another track about taking back control of our lives. Yes, I know, ANOTHER ONE? Yeah, sorry not sorry but I see it happening everyday to all of us. We are all being manipulated to distrust each other, fear each other and yes, hate each other with every flick of the thumb, swipe of the finger, turn of the dial and change of the channel. We need to regain control of our emotions and stop letting others tell us how to think and feel. This type of fear mongering and manipulation will lead to that final solution the doomsday clock predicts. There are people in this world who want nothing more than the destruction of anything they don’t agree with and they are playing us all like the fools we are. Both sides and each end of the isle all have the same agenda, total control of the human race creating the perfect slave resource that has been groomed to not question authority BUT WE MUST!

Before Doomsday will be released on March 31st everywhere!

I hope this brings you all up to date and I promise to do more here in the future I just need to improve my juggling act some and I will get there. Look for something in the next couple of weeks as there are projects I am working on that have not yet been spoken of.


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