Hi everyone, my last single before the break to finish the album is now available.

Before Doomsday is another track about taking back control of our lives. Yes, I know, ANOTHER ONE? Yeah, sorry not sorry but I see it happening everyday to all of us. We are all being manipulated to distrust each other, fear each other and yes, hate each other with every flick of the thumb, swipe of the finger, turn of the dial and change of the channel. We need to regain control of our emotions and stop letting others tell us how to think and feel. This type of fear mongering and manipulation will lead to that final solution the doomsday clock predicts. There are people in this world who want nothing more than the destruction of anything they don’t agree with and they are playing us all like the fools we are. both sides and each end of the isle all have the same agenda, total control of the human race creating the perfect slave resource that has been groomed to not QUESTION AUTHORITY but we must!

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